Yes, you read it right. We’re suggesting that this year for Valentines day you and your partner pull something off.

The other day when leafing through a magazine I saw a gorgeous but completely ridiculous dress. It was low cut, tight and bright green, and the model looked stunning in it. I was bowled over when my partner said ‘You could pull that off!’.

It gives a girl (or a guy) a lot of confidence to hear that their partner has unwavering faith in their ability to ‘pull off’ something outlandish or different. With this in mind we think you should devote this Valentines day to giving your partner some confidence. Push the envelope with one simple message – ‘I saw this and thought you could pull it off.’

Here are a few edgy ideas to get the ball rolling…

For her:

Purple Velvet Turban

Red Leather Cluster Statement Necklace

For him:

Real Butterfly Cufflinks

Beetles Silk Scarf