One of the nicest things in life is creating a home and filling it with a plethora of gorgeous items. However, some people often struggle to personalise their home, realising that they’ve created a designed look that’s generic and lacks the flair they’d wanted. Luckily, adding a bit of personality to a room is relatively easy as long as individuals pay attention to a few important tips. And once people start, they often find it hard to stop their creativity.

Colour is one of the best ways to inject some personal taste into an otherwise bland scheme. Nothing particularly mad or out of the ordinary is needed either, so don’t start worrying about having to paint a hot-pink wall. By bringing in highlights of colour on soft furnishings and accessories, a room can be instantly lifted, given a cohesive style and provided with some personality.

Another great way of creating a gorgeous room that has real personalisation is to utilise hobbies. Whether people love gardening and painting, or cooking and sewing, it’s easy to use these hobbies to create some fine details and extra touches that fill a home with character.

Sewing and painting are particularly good skills because photo frames can be added to artwork, whilst little sewing projects can be fun, even if it’s just adding some haberdashery items to cushions and curtains. Frames are a great way of bringing loved ones into the design, and lovely portraits of friends and family instantly give any space a lived-in and personal ambiance.

Elsewhere, items can also be upcycled or improved upon, adding a flair for personalisation. For example, simply wrapping a few ribbons around a vase or sculpture and adding rhinestones or a silk flower, instantly transforms a piece. Giving furniture a lime-wash or adding a distressed look can also achieve the required results, making a bland item interesting and full of character once again.


For those not quite up to actually creating items for their homes, a good way to make a statement is to shop away from the high street. Whilst popping into the local department store is easy and guaranteed to offer lovely things, foraging around in a market or the local antique’s shop could unveil hidden treasure. By scouring the shops for something unique, homeowners can create a room that’s filled with individual items no one else will have. This is a fantastic way of expressing personal style whilst bring some historic charm into a home. It can also be a lot cheaper because, for those who are canny and shop wisely, there are great deals to be done on gorgeous old furniture and accessories.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and change decorations on a frequent basis. Sometimes, an individual will be able to get a room exactly to their liking but, as with most things, home styling can be a constantly evolving thing. By not being rigid, and willing to change, fantastic character and personalisation can be brought to even the most generic of rooms.