To have the opportunity to design your house is a wonderful thing. The blank canvas of a new house is something that many people strive for, yet very few have the opportunity to enjoy. The possibilities are endless, so the first task is to think about how exactly you would like to go about designing your home. You need to think of an angle, a niche and stick to it. Give your house character and then sit back and enjoy.

Choosing what sort of specific angle you want to go with is a tough choice indeed, with the internet promoting every imaginable niche under the sun. However there is one specific type of design, which has stood the test of time, and that is tweed. If you are looking to make your house classier, to give it more character, then you could do a lot worse than to try to introduce some tweed into the décor.

Introducing tweed can be subtle or direct. You can incorporate it into tapestry, art, clothing and furniture – so you need to consider all the options at your fingertips. If you continue reading, hopefully this will act as inspiration for your new tweed-inspired home designs.


It’s possible to add tweed to any furniture in your house. You can either do it yourself or you can outsource it to an upholstery expert. If you have traditional-looking furniture already – a leather sofa or a recliner chair– then this would be a prime opportunity to add some tweed.

Simply choose your tweed from any quality upholstery shop (that alone can be quite a challenge, as there are a lot more tweed options that you would imagine!). After you’ve selected your tweed, choose just how much of a makeover you’d like to give to your pre-selected piece of furniture.

When it comes to tweed, however, remember that less is more. Don’t entirely cover your furniture item with tweed; rather use it to accentuate an already beautiful piece. So whether you merely add some to the back of the chair or sofa, or cover the cushions, the tweed should be used to add a sense of character to the piece, not overwhelm it entirely.

TWEED furniture

Bedspreads and throws

Another beautiful way to enjoy this great look is to use a tweed bedspread. Whether your bedroom is traditionally designed, or ultra modern, this is a wonderful option. Simply have the tweed cut into bedspread size and have it tailored accordingly – then, when you leave your bedroom each morning, place the tweed over the bed, leaving your room looking exceptionally classy.

A similar approach can be taken with a ‘throw’ to use on your sofa. This is also a much more convenient way to alter your sofa without having to actually undertake any upholstering.

So if you’re not all ‘tweeded out’ already, now is the time to take the plunge. Tweed furniture can be a wonderful addition to the décor of any home, so should you choose to follow that direction, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.