It used to be just for Grannies, but knitting is now one the coolest activities to be seen doing. From fashionistas backstage at catwalk shows, to yummy mummies in the park, they are all at it. But if you want a little help mastering this this new skill then look no further than Charlie Button Knits. Her brilliantly easy Knit Kits are the perfect way to give it a go.

Here’s a little bit about the girl behind the kits:

We think your knit kits are some of the most unique pieces on our site. Tell us a bit about how you come up with the idea and how they’ve evolved over the years:

My mum taught me to knit, for which I am eternally grateful. 

I re-found my lost love when, during a heavy year in Greece, I tried to find something to act as a displacement activity for an uncontrollable love of nicotine. It’s been a really therapeutic comfort ever since but so many of the things I wanted to knit went drastically wrong and almost put me off. It only improved when I set my self a small project, actually made the effort to get the right needles, the right wool and follow the right pattern. And suddenly – success! That’s where the idea for the Knit Kits came – small manageable projects that had all the right bits in all the sizes and quantities.

handwarmersThere is also something about giving these as a gift that makes them a really inspired present. Not only are you giving someone a tea cosy or a pair of handwarmers – you’re giving them a creative skill that they can enjoy again and again. And it’s not hard. Really it’s not. I’ve created some online video tutorials to help get folk started.


Do you wear your own pieces you knit? When do you most enjoy wearing them?

Yes all the time! Especially now it’s really getting wintery. I’m more of a ‘leave the heating off and put the wool on’ kind of girl. My office is freezing and I am wearing the hand-warmers as I type! I’m working on a pattern for some slipper socks I recently made that are another must in my house.

In a dream world, if you could find out that one celebrity was using your favourite product, who would it be?

I’d love it if Tamsin Greig learnt to knit with the Beginner Handwarmer Kit. I think they’d suit her quirky style and she seems like the kind of lady who’d not be afraid to give knitting a bash and use it to fill time between takes on set.

What do you like most about Two Red Trees?
Oh – the endless creative variety! I am so in awe of the other sellers and the ‘out of the box’ clever and beautifully simple pieces they create.
If your work could sit alongside two other sellers on the site who would they be and which of their pieces?

I’d like to think my kits and blankets sit in a contemporary country house collection – traditional but with a modern twist. And if I was in that house I’d have to be cosying up knitting my handwarmers lounging on this gorgeous hand-printed sheep cushion from Helkat designs (unsurprisingly I love sheep..) and sipping tea from one of these elegant mugs by Helen Round.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Charlie’s shop and get knitting!